20 may. 2010

William Breen Murray


1939 - His parents, William John Murray (chemical engineer) and Evangeline Isabel Murray (nurse), get married.

1940 - William Breen Murray is born in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

1942 - His sister Nan is born.

1944 - His familiy settles in Oak Park, a suburb outside Chicago.

1945 - His formal education begins at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School.

1947 - Uncle Neil dies; he was the reason his parents decided to name him Breen. He begins collecting postage stamps.

1948 -  His twin brothers are born. One doesn't make it, and Michael survives.

1953 - He starts High School, where he chooses Spanish as a second language.

1954 - He starts working in Oak Park's Public Library, and his first psychoanalysis begins.

1960 - He travels to Chile for a semester as an exchange student.

1962 - He graduates from Carleton College with major in History, and starts working at the International Institute of Education.

1964 - His father dies.

1965 - Re-encounter with his mother's family, after 40 years of separation.

1966 - Gets interested in transportation and starts working in railway lines.

1971 - He moves to Montreal, Canada in order to study his Masters and Ph.D. in anthropology, at McGill University. He works giving lectures as an assistant professor.

1972 - Field work in Ivujivik, an Inuit tribe in northern Quebec.

1973 - Annual residency as a visiting professor at the University of Monterrey in Mexico.

1974 - He meets the "Buddha" in the mountains of Oaxaca.

1975 - Starts his doctoral dissertation (an ethnographic study of medical anthropology in Mexico). He works as a researcher at the Osler Library. Witnesses the beginning of the French language separation in Quebec, and moves to Monterrey, Mexico.

1976 - He gets interested in rock art of northeastern Mexico.

1978 - He joins the American Rock Art Research Association.

1979 - Publishes his first research of rock art.

1981 - Attends the "Oxford I" Conferences as a guest researcher, thereby joins the Archaeoastronomy.

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